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  • Interactive meeting techniques
    in relation to project management

    Amsterdam, 25th August 2015
    Communication to and from stakeholders and among project team members
    is key to the successful management of projects. The lack of accurate and timely information can seriously encumber decision making. Due to physical presence and sensory involvement, interactive sessions can promote the understanding of cause-effect relationships and the building up of a shared "situation awareness". The "six thinking hats" brainstorming technique is described in some detail.
  • Project Information Systems
    Moving from spreadsheet-based tracking to Computer-Aided Lean Project Management
    Evolution through a Business-IT Maturity Model typically shows Business Process Redesign phases in which legacy processes are redefined to achieve higher effectiveness and efficiency. In some cases, such transformations also mark transitions from an IT-supported situation to an IT-reliant one. Project management processes have hardly benefitted from this evolutionary cycle and still mostly rely on heuristics set forth when more effective information processing techniques were not available.
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