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1. Definitions. The wording shown in CAPITAL LETTERS hereunder, is used in this notice with the meaning specified beside each entry.

A reference to a commonly accepted definition external to this notice, such as one available from a recognized dictionary.

: The set of all visible, audible and underlying components (including, but not limited to, text, graphs, pictures, multimedia contents, page layout and software scripts, aggregated in the form KNOWN AS "html pages") accessible online by means of a suitable computer program (KNOWN AS "browser") and the Internet network technologies, at the address(es) (KNOWN AS "web address(es)" or "URL(s)") associated to the commercial name "PROSPEQS".

OWNER: The individual or commercial entity legally entitled to the use of the name "PROSPEQS" and of the web address(es) associated to this name for commercial purposes.

USER: The individual or commercial entity directly or indirectly (i.e. through another USER) accessing THIS WEBSITE.

THIRD PARTIES: Any individual or commercial entity other than the OWNER and the USER (as applicable).

2. General statement. Unless differently indicated, all visible, audible and underlying components used for the setting up and running of THIS WEBSITE shall be considered intellectual property of the OWNER and, as such, subject to the local and international copyright laws.

3. THIRD PARTIES' copyright. The items indicated in the list "
PROSPEQS Website - List Of Third Parties' Copyrighted Material", attached to this notice, are not ascribable to the intellectual property of the OWNER and have been included in THIS WEBSITE under copyright agreement. In the event a copyright owner deems that items relating to their intellectual property have been included in THIS WEBSITE not in accordance with the granted agreement, requests for rectification can be submitted to the OWNER using the information provided in the "Contacts" page.

4. Quotation and/or republishing.
Quotation and/or republishing in any form (electronic or hard-copy) of text, graphs, pictures and multimedia contents included in THIS WEBSITE shall be subject to permission from the OWNER and, in any case, to fully mentioning the author, the year of publication and the context, the last in the form of a publication title, unique identifier (such as ISBN) and/or URL. For items owned by THIRD PARTIES and included in THIS WEBSITE under copyright agreement, quotation and/or republishing must be reagreed with the respective owner(s) by the interested USER.

5. Disclaimer. THIS WEBSITE is edited with best effort of accuracy. The OWNER shall not be held responsible for any loss, damage or inconvenience arising as a consequence of any use or inability to use of the information provided through THIS WEBSITE.
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