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'Q' stands for Quantity

 uantity versus quality, a widely accepted separation worth reconsidering.
 What if the one actually implied the other? Looking at project and business
 process management from a Lean perspective.                             Read more
Process governance
Process-oriented methodologies
require methodology-aware
competences at all levels in the
organization. The setting up of
specific Competence Centers
is essential to the purpose.

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KPI's, analytics and business IT

'Measuring is knowing' and knowing is a
premise for making decisions. Standard
data-driven performance tracking often falls
short of providing the required level
Situation Awareness, thus calling
for a functional upgrade of business IT.
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Rightsizing project management
Plenty of methodologies have been proposed to help managing
successful projects in controlled environments. Yet, projects still
frequently evolve as if they were following dynamics
of their own
, forcing project managers to deal with the
adjustment of undesired outcomes
, rather than with the
production of the desired ones. Thinking of 'yet another methodology',
while keeping the original heuristic approaches, is not likely to
produce significant breakthroughs. Alternative conceptual
, which were formerly limited by the lack of computational
power, are becoming a viable option to improve responsiveness
and effectiveness of the management action

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Project management is basically a
business process
meant to
implement change
in accordance
with a strategic plan. How does
this functional dependence translate
into requirements for 'best practice'?

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  • Master Data Management at
    industrial construction projects (oil-
    gas-energy), a comprehensive
    application development undertaking,
    from requirement gathering to
    Business Process Improvement.
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  • Virtualization and outsourcing
    rethought: flexibility and scalability of
    the 'as a service' delivery model
    to provide advanced ICT solutions
    under the typical project constraints
    of temporariness, cross-functionality and uniqueness.
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